Your General Manager offers your financial planning business hands on help as a personal ``Virtual General Manager``, who helps with the overall management of your business while you as Principal, can continue to focus on what you enjoy the most and do best.

Do you want to build stronger profit and enjoy a better lifestyle?

As your Virtual GM, we assist you in developing business strategy & operational plans, whilst holding yourself & team members accountable to these plans. Hands on help is provided in working on the business around the various projects of improvement identified.

Would you like your business to be less reliant on you?

Your General Manager provides a Virtual GM service at a fraction of the cost of recruiting & employing Management in your Practice.



Bob engages with Financial Planning Practices of varying sizes... Here is some feedback of his services.


Peter Morris - THL Finance Partners

“We have used Bob over the past few years both in a formal capacity to work through Business Planning detail and also in a one on one sense to be able to bounce ideas and understand what else might be happening outside our office. Bob’s wealth of experience in the advice space has meant his support for us in this industry is always on point. Would be happy to recommend his services.”

iPlan Financial Services - Client Review

Grant Loechel - iPlan Financial Services Australia

"I have been working with Bob Blurton as my Personal Business coach for several years and found him an immense help to our firm. He has provided me with the ability to look at my business objectively, identify the key areas that need focus, document a workable business plan that we come back to each month to record progress on. Through this disciplined approach I have achieved significantly more in the last 12 months than what I had achieved in the previous 3 years. I attribute this to Bob helping me take time out of the business to focus on the business and deal with issues that make a significant effect both in the short and long term."

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 9.07.07 pm

Matt Illana - MJI Wealth Management Pty Ltd

“ I have been a financial planner for over 10 years but self employed for 2 years, so my business is in the start-up phase. I have just started working with Bob and he has already provided me the tools and guidance to really break down my business and point me in right direction so I can have a more sustainable, efficient and profitable business. He has helped with internal procedures, staffing, marketing and re-engineering my client value proposition. I found having Bob’s expertise and industry experience extremely valuable. He has been able to provide me with honest and unbiased feedback, giving me insights into what works well in other practices which I can easily implement into my own. I would highly recommend engaging Bob’s services”


Triggers of Engagement for Your General Manager

  • I am a good technician however I need help running the business

  • Support to work through change 

  • Directors require assistance with Practice Management issues

  • Strategic Planning support required – I have some good ideas however need help to sort out a clear direction and what to implement

Wouldn't it be great to have an experienced General Manager on your team?

Start Improving Your Business with Your General Manager