Increase Your Client Time


We all know that the significant Industry changes we have experienced in recent years have added a large increase to the cost of creating and delivering advice to our clients. Greater changes to compliance standards and requirements have produced modifications to advice business models.

If you have been in practice for 5 -10 years I believe you may have a staffing model that does not deliver the most efficient outcome in today’s environment.

         THE MAJOR DRIVERS to the ADVICE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS                          


    Advice Practices have adapted 

Over the last 10 years we have seen a shift in the advice development process within financial planning practices.

  Key Questions

Are you struggling to manage your client reviews and also add new clients?

When did you last review your advice development model?

How recently have you updated process templates and workflow procedures?

Are you maximising the technical strengths of your support staff?

Do you have the staffing/support mix right in technical/compliance tasks vs administration/plan writing?

Are you aware of the wide range of outsourcing options?

It is my belief that with the appropriate mix of staff support you will be surprised what impact this will have on your client management per adviser, and hence profitability and business value.

Reviewing your advice development process becomes even more important where there are multiple advisers within the practice.  

Business Healthcheck data reveals that top performing Practices achieve 40% + profitability margins. Many Practices are not close to this performance level. If you wish to work on your profitability then it makes sense to work on your key value drivers.  

Leveraging staff is one of the key Value Drivers to business profitability.

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Best wishes

Bob Blurton