Lifting the Fog of Change

I have seen many signals that there has never seen a better time in our Industry for financial planning business owners to access business consulting/coaching support. In these times of tremendous Industry change I see many financial planners quite challenged in cutting through the Fog of Change.

To have the ability to work with existing clients and provide the best experience possible, engaging with new prospects and also work on the business. Make those key decisions regarding their business model that drive the business forward.

     What are successful businesses doing well?

      • A well-articulated client value proposition and investment philosophy.

      • An identified ‘ideal’ client and target market.

       • A clear, profitable pricing and service model suited to their ideal client.

      • Robust systems and processes to support their operations.

      • A purpose-built client experience delivered consistently by staff and through the use of technology.

At Your General Manager we have a strong belief in assisting financial planners be better business owners. We offer a management consultant experienced in coaching and mentoring support. This is a specialist service for Financial Planning Principals from a Management Consultant with over 30 years experience in our Industry.

 Financial planners say that a key feature they like about this service is that Principals receive a personalised coaching session every month, tailored around their business & personal strategies and any current issues.

     Comment from Grant Loechel –  iPlan Financial Services Australia

    “ Bob has provided me with the ability to look at my business objectively, identify the key areas that need focus, document a workable business plan that we come back to each month to record progress on. Through this disciplined approach I have achieved significantly more in the last 12 months than what I had achieved in the previous 3 years.”

    At Your General Manager we understand the challenges involved in running a successful Financial Planning Practice.

To have a conversation about the value of a specialist management consultant for your business, please call us on 0488403139 or email