Here you will find a source of interesting and educational articles from Bob's work with financial planners and their staff.

Virtual General Manager for Financial Planning Businesses

The demands of Financial Planners in running their own business and attending to their client needs have never been greater.

Lifting the Fog of Change

I have seen many signals that there has never seen a better time in our Industry for financial planning business

Challenges for Sole Practitioners

It can be challenging running a sole adviser practice. Sole Practitioners are responsible for everything. Client advice and relationships and

What are the reasons clients say they seek advice?

What do your clients say are the reasons they seek advice from you? It is an interesting question? However, is

How to Attract Children of Your Clients

Over recent months there has been some interesting research published regarding two important issues regarding providing financial planning services to

Common Value Drivers that Engineer Success

In my work with many financial planners across the Industry I continue to see critical areas of business operations that

Uncovering the Iceberg of Financial Advice

We are all aware that the costs of providing financial advice have risen significantly over recent years. I have seen

We Can All Learn From Our Clients

I had the pleasure recently of reviewing the Business Health Catscan – client survey results of one of my coaching

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