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Management support for business owners and staff. Challenge your thinking, improve your business performance and be held accountable. Our services help you achieve your personal & business goals to move your business forward. Why not have a chat to find out how a Virtual General Manager can help you?

Why - a Virtual GM for Financial Planning Practices

Financial Planning business owners typically love building close relationships  with their clients and engaging with them. Many enjoy the challenge of business growth but find it difficult to keep on top of all of the other time consuming business issues.

Do you find it difficult to look after your clients, run a business and keep up to date with Industry change and education?

We offer an experienced General Manager on your team who has a detailed understanding of the Industry over many years and experience in managing a large financial planning practice.

Service in Detail

Virtual GM Services Include:

  1. Reviewing the current performance of all aspects of the business
  2. Strategic planning – setting a clear road ahead
  3. Operational plans – ensuring strategy is implemented with clear tasks/accountability/timeframe
  4. Client value proposition & target market
  5. Marketing plans – development and driving implementation
  6. Staffing structure/advice development
  7. Assisting in recruiting and mentoring staff including financial planners & practice managers
  8. Cost to serve analysis and fee review
  9. Acquisitions & mergers
  10. Succession planning

How Does the Service Work?

Your Virtual General Manager

  • works remotely using video conferencing technology
  • regular liason & project support with you & your team
  • contact schedule designed to provide optimal support
  • maintain accountability to the strategic plan
  • fixed monthly fee
  • tools available for business improvement
  • sharing of experience & knowledge across a number of businesses
  • conduct onsite visits if required


Virtual General Manager for Financial Planning Practices

Strategic Planning and Development


Let’s review and define your strategy and make some decisions on how to pursue this strategy.

  • Strategic SWOT Analysis
  • Define a Vision for the future
  • Development of a plan in a logical and straightforward way
  • Development of an operations plan
  • Holding Principals/staff accountable for implementation
Marketing Plan


If your Industry is experiencing significant change then now will be a good time to re set your marketing plan

  • A Marketing Plan that gets everyone on the same page
  • It allows your business to be proactive and aligned with your vision & goals
  • A plan makes it easy to evaluate those new opportunities
  • Having a plan means that your goals are measurable
  • Holding Principals accountable
  • Holding staff accountable for implementation
Client Value Proposition.
Developing of business value proposition.


Are you delivering the right services to the right clients cost effectively? Do you have a value proposition that is all about the client experience and expectations of your practice?

Development of a Client value Proposition includes the following key areas:

  • Defining ideal target market
  • Understanding the client needs
  • What is your Practice good at?
  • Documenting your position
  • Understanding your cost to serve
  • Development of appropriate pricing
Business to Business Relationships


Have you a clear plan in how you may develop existing relationships or develop new ones?

A good plan of attack will include most of the following:

  • Developing new relationships
  • Increasing activity with existing relationships
  • Structuring arrangements
  • Developing referral strategies
Staff Growth and Staff Relationships


Would your business run better with more coaching and development of your team?

  • Coaching of Practice Managers and other staff
  • Scorecards & KPI’s
  • Staff capacity planning
  • Performance management
Business Process to enable growth


Have you developed the business processes to deliver your value proposition?

  • Process that enables growth
  • Produce more from existing resources
  • Working with more clients per practitioner

Wouldn't it be great to have an experienced General Manager on your team?

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