Time to review your strategy

We all know there is alot going on for financial planners. This is particularly challenging for Principals. This is the time to get on top of the key drivers for your business success and think through the way ahead. 

On top of all the changes through our Industry your clients and staff need your support more than ever.

Yet for all of this it is regularly reported in this Industry that most Financial Planning Principals do not have a current business plan.

However – this is actually a good time to step back and take stock. A re set of your goals can be enlightening and help provide a new energy to take yourself, staff and the business forward.

Are you happy with your business performance today across key business metrics? Let’s look at your business objectively and develop a fresh plan of attack.

Strategic planning and regular accountability – for some financial planners this is ensuring the business is more sustainable, efficient and profitable. Many Principals gain significant benefit in being more disciplined and in control. Work on key strategies in a focused way – get things done.    

This is exactly what I help Principals with. An experienced set of eyes to work with you on your business.

I find that often strategic plans require some new thinking on marketing. On the assumption that most businesses want to continue to grow, this can be an area where businesses can benefit from a focused marketing plan. Execution of the plan though remains a weakness for many. There is help available though – I collaborate with the team at Baker Street Marketing to help Principals obtain  best outcomes on all website, social media and other marketing needs.

Time for a new plan of attack? Why not have a complimentary initial meeting to discuss your business?

email me at bblurton@yourgeneralmanager.com.au or call 0488403139.