Virtual General Manager for Financial Planning Businesses

The demands of Financial Planners in running their own business and attending to their client needs have never been greater.

Why is it that some businesses however continue to outperform? They engage support to assist owners in driving to achieve goals – both business and personal.

Access specialist support – a Virtual General Manager with over 20 years financial planning Industry experience.  

Virtual General Manager Role

Key areas of focus for the Virtual General Manager include strategic and operational planning and supporting the business owners and team, to complete marketing, admin, operations, HR and financial management projects.

Your General Manager offers your financial planning business hands on help as a personal “Virtual General Manager“, who helps with the overall management of your business while you as Principal, can continue to focus on what you enjoy the most and do best.

Do you want to build stronger profit and enjoy a better lifestyle?

As your Virtual GM, we assist you in developing business strategy & operational plans, whilst holding yourself & team members accountable to these plans. Hands on help is provided in working on the business around the various projects of improvement identified.

Would you like your business to be less reliant on you?

Your General Manager provides a Virtual GM service at a fraction of the cost of recruiting & employing Management in your Practice.

Virtual General Manager Benefits

The key benefits of a Virtual General Manager include:

  • Enable sharing of experience and knowledge across a number of businesses 
  • Business Owners and their Team are able to focus on client work and improve business output  
  • Using our Virtual General Manager service will save thousands on a full time Practice Manager or General Manager and actually enables directing further resources to grow the business 
  • An experienced Manager, Coach & Mentor on your team
  • On site options available

How does a Virtual General Manager Work?

There are several options available as to how a Virtual General Manager may assist your business.

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